Optimize your campaigns

May 05, 2011

Optimize your Text Ads campaign for better results. Here are 10 tips on how to optimize your Text Ads campaigns for better quality results:

  • 1st Make a campaign by language or geographic targeting.
  • 2nd Share your keywords into ad groups where each group contains a relatively small but similar keywords.
  • 3rd Use specific search terms, eg "amateur sex" instead of "sex".
  • 4th Use the keyword match types and negative words in broad match.
  • 5th Use keywords in the title of the ad.
  • 6th Use keywords in the ad text.
  • 7th Use keywords in display URLen.
  • 8th Use keywords in <title>, <h1> and body text on your website / landing page and highlight Keywords with <strong>.
  • 9th Enter a CPC bid that puts you between the position 3-5.
  • 10th Be patient. The older your account is more quality traffic you're receiving. 

Geographic Targeting Imagine a language = one campaign. If you for example wish to promote your product in Sweden, Norway and Finland, you should do a campaign for each country as there are three different languages. Ad Groups Always Share your keywords into ad groups so you can match your ad text to them. Do not mix apples and pears and call it fruit. Make an ad group for apples, pears and one for a third of the fruit. Be specific A word like "sex" is the number one in many S.E. but you will not get a good click-through rate (CTR) if you are not specific. Choose swinger sex, amateur sex, live sex, online sex, gay sex, etc. Use the keyword in the title of the ad If a search term is "live sex", then write live sex in the title. If I search for live sex and get up an ad that has "live sex" in the title and another that has "bad sex" then I am going to the first hit.This is a well-known trick to increase the number of clicks and hence your CTR. Use the keyword in the ad text As far as possible without making noises. Sex: Real Live Sex

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Display URL
The domain must match, but you must not have the www in front this is good branding.

Home page / landing page
Make basic SEO on the page and make sure you use keywords in as many strategic points as possible and as close to the beginning of each sentence as possible. If you could register a URL with your keywords you should definitely do it since it's worth it.. Rename files and folders even after search terms. Example Live_sex.php. I never recommend to send the user to an index page where there are often too many options. Instead, you should make more pages that are all tailored to the search phrase or send the user directly to the product page if you have a shop.

It is enough to bid so much that you retain the position 3-5. It is not always best to be top but you absolutely must appear between 3-5.

Account History is a factor that is part of Quality Score. The older an account is the better it is.