Video advertisement

Always wanted a commercial on TV but were simply too scared of the high costs ?

Well, we are offering the same concept but it's better and much cheaper! At EroAdvertising you can simply upload a video advertisement and you will only pay per unique click .

This feature makes video ads much more accessible to all advertisers and branding value on video advertisements is enormous .

Video advertisements can be shown in two different ways :

  • "normal" video in flash player
  • As a commercial played before or after a normal video is played in flash player

What you need for your video advertisment campaign ?

We will accept video ads as large as 10 MB, and some publishers will run the ad at its full upload size .

Make sure that your Video Advertisement do not violate any applicable laws, third-party rights or agreements .

You can adjust the following settings :

  • URL
  • Display URL
  • Internet URL
  • File upload
  • CPC