Text advertisement

Texts advertisements are blocks with text that a Publisher can put on his website(s). These blocks are adaptable to your requirements. A text advertisement is shown on a page based on relevance of the text whereby at least one of the words used on the page must match to a keyword in an advertisement. The more words match, the higher the relevance is. Text advertisements are primarily sorted based on relevance and secondly on cost per click.

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What you need for your text advertisment campaign?

You need a title, a description, the URL and an Image with the minimum size 70x70 pixel. If you ulpload a bigger Image our system will resize it. Only the title of the advertisement is used with the description as mouseover text.

Text Advertisements variants:

  • Intext: This is a separate module of which the explanation can be found on the Intext page
  • Keyword match/Advertorials: Through this module Publishers can automatically retrieve one or more advertisements based on keywords and show them in their own chosen layout.
  • IM PopUp: Shows you a MSN-styled Chatbox at the bottom of your Browser